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Challenge yourself and move forward

The original concept of “100 km in Shenzhen” originated from Shenzhen, a well-known forum “mill” that often organizes various outdoor adventure activities. It has been successfully held for 13 sessions and is known as the largest outdoor event in South China. The walking tour from Shenzhen Bay Sports Center to the Rose Coast is about 94 kilometers. In addition to Shenzhen people, there are Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Hunan and other donkeys from all over the country.

On the afternoon of March 23, 2013, the 13th “100 km Shenzhen” large-scale trekking event kicked off at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center. The theme of the event was “Walk through no traces” and advocated environmental protection and a healthy lifestyle. More than 30,000 outdoor sports enthusiasts participated in the event. They walked through the city, turned over the mountain forest, stepped over the beach, and used their feet to measure nearly 100 kilometers of land in Shenzhen. This session continued the participation of the standard group and the experience group. Participants started from the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center on the afternoon of the 23rd and the OCT East from the early morning of the 24th. After 94.3 km and 30.7 km of walking, they finally reached the Dapeng New District Rose. coastal.

In this activity, ten representatives of the company, including Wang Linzhen, Chen Suqiong, Hua Yan, Ye Shujiao, Jiang Jianjuan, Liu Bin, Guo Meng, and Liu Zhitao, participated in the company. They dressed in uniform and headed with ease. During the journey, they encountered the “City Discovery” column tracking and shooting. They were very enthusiastic and took photos with the host. Everyone’s face was filled with a happy smile. Unfortunately, when the gods did not make the United States, suddenly there was heavy downpour, rain wet the trouser legs, and muddy water splattered. Even so, everyone continued to hold an umbrella. After ten hours of struggling to walk, and finally reached the destination, everyone's feet were reddened. They sat on the side of the road and rubbed the potion while talking. There was still a smile on their faces. I knew that it was Winner's smile.

In this activity, they dared to challenge themselves. Even if the journey is far away, it is still rain or shine, and it is a spirit that every one of us should learn.

The signing of the crowd of people

Pick up the banner and head over

Photo of the finish

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